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Why You Should Detail Your Automobile
                                Protect your second highest investment.

With today's high tech paint finishes and special velour and leather upholsteries off the shelf do-it yourself products and methods are not enough. The Sun's ultraviolet rays work to fade and oxidize the paint finish, Pollution and other industrial contaminants can stain and discolored the finish. Acid rain will etch and permanently damage paint, Chrome and glass. Bird droppings, tree sap, leaves, bugs and road tar if left on the paint finish can cause permanent damage repaired only by repainting. Stain and dirt in carpets and upholstery can also cause irreparable damage if not removed immediately. The Sun's rays will crack and fade leathers and vinyl's if not maintained and treated regularly. In short your car must be regularly detailed at a professional detail center providing a variety of car care services including: Custom Washing, Claying and Waxing of Paint Finish, Buff, Polish & Waxing of Paint Finish, Treatment of All leather, Vinyl & Rubber, Clean & Shampoo of Trunk, Carpets & Upholsteries, and Engine Cleaning, and Sanitizing the interior of the Automobile at least twice a year is very important.

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