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The USA Car Wash Charity Car Wash Program

Let USA Car Wash do the work! USA Car Wash is dedicated to lending a helping hand to nonprofit organizations in our community. We offer a flexible option that allows you to sell full service car wash certificates at full price, keep 50% of the profit, and bypass organizing and executing a car wash or worrying about rain dates.

Charity Car Wash Basics:

  • Organization must be a nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) classification and be able to provide its Tax ID number.
  • The organization chair person will fill out an application online and submit it to the USA Car Wash Home Office.
  • Once approved the chair person will pick up the tickets at the USA Car Wash and sign the contract accepting responsibility.
  • Organizations will sell USA Car Wash Full Service Car Wash tickets at the full price of $12.99.
  • The organization will keep $6.49 per ticket sold and return $6.50 to USA Car Wash. Tickets that go unsold can be returned to USA Car Wash at no cost to the organization.
  • Organizations are permitted to receive up to 135 car wash tickets with an approved contract and have 31 days to complete the fundraiser.
  • An organization may receive and sell additional tickets once it has paid for the initial tickets, within 31 days.
  • At the conclusion of the sale, the chair person will return unsold tickets and payment for the sold tickets.
  • An organization may participate Two time per 12 months.

Download an USA Car Wash Charity Car Wash packet with more details to share with other members of your organization.

How do we get started?
Each organization must fill out a Charity Car Wash Application and be approved for participation by the USA Car Wash.  Your organization must meet the Charity Car Wash Fundraiser criteria. The approval process normally takes one week. If approved, please also allow an additional week for the printing of fundraising tickets and contract.

Why do other organizations like this fundraiser?
“The USA Car Wash Charity Car Wash Program really sells itself and is a win/win for our organization and supporters.
“The USA Car Wash Charity Car Wash Program is a win-win for our school community. Parents and neighbors have the opportunity to buy tickets for car washes at the same price they would pay if they went directly to USA Car Wash, but half of the money goes to the PTA. We love the fact that we don’t have to ask parents to pay inflated prices for goods or services in order for the school to benefit!” Tammy Beaver – Hueneme Elementary School


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