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Charity Car Wash Fundraiser Application

Charity Car Wash Fundraiser Application
Thank you for your interest in the U S A Car Wash Charity Car Wash Fundraiser program. Your organization must be a non-profit with a 501(c) 3 Federal tax ID to qualify. Please fill out all the information below with as much detail as possible. You will receive a completion notice once your information has been submitted.

****Organizations MUST be a non-profit to qualify****

Please give as much detail below as possible.
* My organization is a 501(c)3:
* I have a Federal Tax ID Number for a 501(c)3:
* My organization has NOT done an U S A Car Wash Charity Car Wash in the last 6 months:
* We have a chair or other person willing to be financially responsible for the tickets:
* Organization Name:
* Name you would like printed on the tickets:
* Organization Mailing Address:(street address, city, state, zip)

* Federal Tax ID:
* Contact/Chairperson Name:
* Contact/Chair Mailing Address: (street address, city, state, zip)

* Contact/Chairperson Cell Phone:
* Contact/Chairperson Work Phone:
* Contact/Chairperson Home Phone:
* Contact/Chairperson Email:
* Organization Treasurer/Business Manager Name:
* Organization Treasurer/Business Manager Phone:
* Organization Treasurer/Business Manager Email:
* Number of Tickets Required:________________
* Sale Start Date: (Sale will end 31 days after start date)
Any additional information for your submission:

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