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Terms and Conditions
  • U S A Car Wash will charge to the authorized customer credit card account $24.95 (Exterior Unlimited), $39.95 (Basic Unlimited), $54.95 (Premium Unlimited) or $64.95 (Luxury Unlimited) based on plan selected.
  • The recharge to the authorized customer credit card will take place on the anniversary date of the initial purchase.
  • There are no statements issued to the customer when the Unlimited Plan payment bills each month.
  • The Unlimited Plan automatic recharge authorization stays in force until the customer cancels the plan at the location of purchase.
  • The Unlimited Cards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed as such.
  • U S A Car Wash reserves the right to cancel the plan at any time for any reason.
  • The Unlimited Plan will be cancelled if the monthly charge is declined by the card processing system.
  • The corresponding Unlimited Plan sticker must be installed on the outside of the windshield or on the end of the driver’s door at the time of purchase by U S A Carwash Personnel.
  • The Unlimited Card is only valid when both the card and the corresponding sticker on the windshield or door jamb are present.
  • Unauthorized use of the Unlimited Card will terminate the offer immediately.
  • Monthly rates may be increased, with notice posted at the place of purchase at least 30 days in advance.
  • Any Unlimited payments shall be payable and are non-refundable regardless of use.
  • U S A Car Wash will not issue refunds for lost cards.

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